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Here at OpenGenius, we make a difference to the way the world works.

With productivity levels in the UK slumped at a standstill, we are well below crisis level. OpenGenius is at the forefront of tackling those bad habits which have caused this inevitable slowdown. As figures lack any positive change, it is clear that our message needs to be heard – now more than ever.

Our innovative and people-focused approach to technology and training maximises productivity and creative thinking for teams and individuals around the world. With our tools and teachings, people learn to unleash their ultimate thinking potential. This revelation leads to a more productive, creative, and happier way of life.

Our history is bursting at the seams with incredible stories and inspirational people, who have shaped the way we work today. We want the world to hear about our innovative efforts paving the way to next-generation productivity and ambitious goals for the future workplace.

We are the first Welsh company to be accepted onto the London Stock Exchange’s accelerator programme: ELITE. This gives us the confidence that today’s most influential companies are reinforcing the importance of our ambition. With over a million people using our software and more than 1,000 licensed trainers in our growing network, we are confident that we are on the right track and excited to see what the future holds as our story spreads further.

We thank you for taking the time to explore our history, our products and our goals for the future.

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Chris Griffiths

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Founder & CEO at OpenGenius


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