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    OpenGenuis Virtual Events

    A study by Markletic showed that audience engagement is the greatest challenge for virtual events. Plus, 49% of marketers say that it is the biggest factor to having a successful event.


    In a world of meetings and virtual events dominated by cameras switched off and the majority of attendees not even talking, how do you manage to get everyone to have a good time and feel energised?


    Creativity Workshops powered by AI

    Meeting around table

    We use technology and our experience of over 16 years in kickstarting creativity to:

    • Prime attendees to think creatively
    • Provide tools and motivation to try a new approach
    • Engage virtual event attendees to make them feel their time is valued
    • Have fun in the process

    With a combination of motivational speaking, online and offline activities, we prevent screen exhaustion.

    Plus, our proprietary AI technology will not only capture but also generate ideas in a fun, visual way. Paired with our mind-set shifting training techniques, both virtual and hybrid event attendees will be guaranteed to take something home at the end of the day which will have a lasting impact.




    Why choose our Creativity Workshops to get your virtual event attendees engaged?

    • We’re experienced – We regularly get invited to speak at events of all scale and have refined our methods to engage attendees
    • It’s inclusive and for everyone – Our proprietary software which we use during the workshops, Ayoa, is visual and easy to use for everyone, including the neurodiverse community who love our neuro-inclusive features
    • No technology barriers – The workshop will be facilitated by our master innovation trainer, who will manage the platform throughout, so you don’t need to worry about it crashing or pre-testing
    • A virtual giveaway – At the end of the workshop, attendees can “take home” a visual board with cool ideas they can even action on
    • Good feedback – We’ve received great feedback from our previous events on both engagement and the topics
    Meeting two


    We asked Stanford University for feedback from attendees on our event. Here are the results.







    Standford University Logo

    Top comment:

    "Great info for being successful in current times."

    Trusted by:


    Step-by-step Real World Creative Problem Solving:

    AI Powered Creativity Workshops (Virtual)

    Choose from 4 practical workshops. Learn tools and processes that work.

    Includes the use of specialist AI powered brainstorming software and creativity testing tools. Priced from US$1000 / UK£700 per workshop.

    Discount of 15% if all 4 workshops are booked together.

    Workshop 1 – Creativity Kickstarter (60min)

    • A great way to start off any virtual team meeting or event
    • Prime your team to think creatively
    • Engage an ‘everything is possible’ mind-set
    • Provide the motivation to try a new approach

    Workshop 2 – Understanding the problem (60min)

    • Identify the real challenge – ask are you solving the right problem
    • How to identify and overcome thinking errors and biases
    • Why you must avoid assumptions that will make an ‘ass’ of ‘u’ and ‘me’
    • Get a clear understanding of the problem through tried and tested processes

    Workshop 3 – Generating Game Changing Ideas (60min)

    • Generate more and better quality ideas to push beyond the obvious
    • Learn why most brainstorms fail
    • Avoid status quo bias, you don’t want the old same solutions
    • Supercharge creativity by using the correct tools and techniques

    Workshop 4 – Identifying best solutions (60min)

    • Sort, filter, and evaluate chosen solutions using whole brain thinking
    • Discover why reliance on data and logic alone, may lead to poor decisions
    • How to avoid looking for complex solutions to simple problems
    • Choose the best option using proven methodologies that give clarity


    PRICE: US$1000 (UK£700) for each individual workshop. Price includes 1 month access to AI powered software for attendees. Discount of 15% if all 4 workshops are booked together for the same or consecutive days.

    Up to 30 attendees can attend per workshop but for a more personal experience we recommend 10 or less. Please contact us for solutions for larger audiences.


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    (Prices exclude VAT if applicable for your region)


    Need an inspiring keynote Speaker?

    The European Commission, Pfizer, State Bank of India, Dimensional Fund Advisors and many other companies across the globe, have invited us to kickstart their creativity.

    Our CEO, Chris Griffiths, is a world-leading expert in innovation. He is multiple time TEDx speaker, has done keynotes at Stanford, The London Stock Exchange, and European Business Awards, and has appeared in numerous publications including BBC, Forbes, and The Telegraph. He built a training and consulting network of over 1000 creativity and innovation coaches worldwide. Chris is a best selling author translated into over 15 languages.

    Dalai Lama with Chris Griffiths


    Kickoff any event with a live motivational talk on ‘Thinking Without The Box’ with Chris Griffiths


    Chris Griffiths Keynote Speaker

    Keynote – Thinking Without The Box
    (20 – 30 min)

    • How to think without the box
    • When you know what the ‘box’ is, and remove it, you unleash unlimited creativity
    • Proof that ‘anything is possible’
    • A fun and interactive session that will get your audience thinking differently

    PRICE: on application

    Up to 300 attendees. Can be recorded for internal use only. Please contact us for pricing for larger audiences or for live in person requirements.


    Forbes Magazine, ICON Event, Prague

    Quote BeginChris Griffiths advises the largest companies in the world to be better.Quote End

    Forbes Magazine, ICON Event, Prague

    Jan Mühlfeit, Executive coach/mentor, former chairman of Microsoft Europe, author of The Positive Leader

    Quote Begin... a powerful, hands-on approach to tap into our creative flow and become masters in our chosen field. An essential resource for anyone looking to ‘be different’ and create at their highest capacity!Quote End

    Jan Mühlfeit, Executive coach/mentor, former chairman of Microsoft Europe, author of The Positive Leader


    Examples of past events

    • The European Commission, Senior Leadership Teams, The Hague
    • AXA Wealth, UK
    • Institute of Financial Planners, UK
    • State Bank of India, UK
    • Healthcare People Management Association, UK
    • European Academy for Direct and Interactive Marketing,UK
    • The National Health Service (NHS), UK
    • Academy Wales, Welsh Government, UK
    • Biggerplate Conference Unplugged, UK
    • The Sunday Times Business Roadshow events, UK
    • LikeMinds Innovation Conference, UK
    • Lambert Smith Hampton (ES-group), UK
    • Global Pets Forum, Nice, France
    • Dimensional Fund Advisors, London
    • Pfizer Inc., USA
    • European Business Awards, Warsaw
    • Petra Nobel – Annual Conference of Nobel Laureates, Jordan
    •, UK
    • Diamond Sphere Trading LLP, Monaco
    • ICON 2014, Prague
    • Mind Mapping and Technology Conference, Singapore Institute of Management
    • Optimiza Academy, Khartoum, Sudan
    • Ideas First Conference, Ukraine
    • Turnitin, USA
    • The Scottish Parliament, Scotland
    • Sharjah Business Women Council, Tec Marina, Wales
    • TEDxCardiff, Tramshed Cardiff, Wales
    • TEDx ODED, Cardiff
    • London Stock Exchange, UK
    • Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China
    • Stanford University CME Live, USA

    Ayoa all in one productivity software

    About Ayoa

    Ayoa is an inclusive all-in-one mind mapping, whiteboard and collaboration app designed to embrace differences, elevate creativity, and drive results.

    CBS News

    “The most unique twist
    on task management I’ve ever seen”


    “Visually-oriented people – this layout boosts productivity”


    “Turns your tasks into an awesome venn diagram”


    “A more intuitive way to manage workloads”


    Offline Resources

    Gain immediate access to a host of free downloads to support your creative sessions:

    • Canvas templates
    • Checklists
    • Commitment traffic lights
    • Solution finder matrix
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