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OpenGenius Innovation Coaching

An introduction to game-changing innovative processes used by trailblazers & FTSE 500 companies

Requirements: must be a Certified Innovation Facilitator or have a train the trainer qualification from another recognised body. Pass innovation coaching review (online or offline). Be an Ayoa power user.

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget” – Alfred Mercier

You don’t need us to tell you why innovation matters, you live and you breathe it. Now, you need the skills to bring these integral qualities to the large audiences calling out for it.

As the working world demands more and more that companies exude creativity – not just as a one-off event, but on a systemic level – the demand for teachers is growing. OpenGenius’ Innovation Coaching will teach you to give the hungry crowd the food they desperately want and need.

Be the best you can be, and watch the work flood in.

Why OpenGenius?

Here at OpenGenius we have a global network of accredited Innovation Professionals. Our training is based on the best-selling books, teachings & research of world-leading expert Chris Griffiths. This no-fluff course puts an emphasis on cutting-edge methods which are as actionable as they are effective.

Chris’ methodology has helped thousands across the globe, including nobel laureates, royal families and countless FTSE 500 companies. From NASA to the University of Oxford, teams and individuals all across the world benefit from this incredible training.

OpenGenius Training

Applied Innovation coaching key takeaways & certified capabilities:

  • Learn how to coach and train other
  • How to develop and execute Inspire Innovation Workshops
  • How to develop and execute Innovative Thinking Masterclasses
  • How to develop and execute Applied Innovation Facilitator courses

Cost: £1500-2000
2-3 day course

Bring out the innovation in everyone:
Robert Fischer

Quote BeginI feel I can apply this immediately and it will have an impact.Quote End

Robert Fischer Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley, USA