Corporate Offering

Innovation training & assessment for your business

Here at OpenGenius we offer a wide range of opportunities for improvement in innovation at a corporate level. These expert-led offerings span presentations, workshops, audits and reviews – whether they’re for a team, an individual or the whole company. Read on to find the right opportunity for your business.


Inspire Innovation session

Inspire Innovation Session

The World Economic Forum states that problem solving, critical thinking and creativity will be the most important workplace skills in 2020 and beyond. So what are you doing to make these the top skills in your workplace?

Inspire the teams in your business and reap the rewards with an introduction to key elements of innovative thinking.

Duration: Half a day

Key lessons

  • Introduction to OpenGenius’ 4 step process to actionable innovation
  • Learn the secret to establishing an innovation culture

Key Takeaways

  • Turn ideas into action everyday with Ayoa
  • Certificate of attendance – for official proof of your innovation investment



Innovation workshop

Based on the books, teachings and research of world-renowned expert Chris Griffiths, the Certified Innovator Masterclass covers essential (yet often little-known) steps to innovation and its process. For insights which inspire employees, and further provide them with the steps needed to systemise creativity every day.

With both practical work and group activity, this workshop gives your employees and teams a hands-on learning experience which benefits both employee and employer.

Duration: 1 day

Innovation workshop

Key lessons

  • Identify common thinking errors
  • Truly define & reframe the problem
  • Identify your strengths & weaknesses with the functional creativity test
  • Move away from ineffective brainstorming
  • Uncover the power of generative thinking
  • Learn the theories of world-leading experts

Key Takeaways

  • The ability to ideate via generative thinking
  • Concepts ready-made to apply back in work
  • The Ayoa method for a seamless idea to action execution
  • A refreshed perspective and working world view
  • Certificate of attendance


Innovation champions

Innovation Champions Workshop

As corporate priorities shift to meet growing demands of increased creativity, there is a greater need for certified innovation training – both from companies looking to upskill their staff with the progressive skills needed to grow, and training organisations looking to lay a foundation for a future of solid innovation via training and consultancy.

Duration: 3 days

Key takeaways & certified skills

  • Working knowledge of Ayoa and how to use it to train and advise others
  • Learn the secret to establishing an innovation culture
  • Access to key resources: Ayoa subscription, The Creative Thinking Handbook & branded materials
  • Listing on OpenGenius training & consultancy site
  • Capability to provide certificates of attendance when delivering Inspire Innovation events
  • Capability to certify Certified Innovators (CIs) through Innovative Thinking Masterclasses



Innovation Trainer

We have trained thousands of people in the innovation process, and they have trained countless others in the same thing. If you’re looking to create an innovation domino effect in your organisation, the Innovation Trainer workshop is a perfect way of upskilling staff in the knowledge and practises of applied creativity, as well as providing them with the skills and resources to give others this same power.

Duration: 2-3 days

Innovation trainer

Key takeaways & certified skills

  • Learn how to coach and train others
  • How to develop and execute Inspire Innovation Workshops
  • How to develop and execute Innovative Thinking Masterclasses
  • How to develop and execute Applied Innovation Facilitator courses


Other Corporate Offerings


Ongoing coaching

Spark personal innovation for professional success. With the guidance of our expert, world-leading coaches, you will receive bespoke instruction on how to weave creative processes into your day-to-day life and make them stick. These laser-focused coaching sessions are not only enlightening, but practical. Find out more.

Duration: 1-2 hours

Innovation Audit

In the fast and furious cycling of today’s working world, staying the same is as good as falling behind. If you’re not innovating, you’re not growing. The OpenGenius head-to-toe company audit will give you a blueprint for supercharged innovation which reaps real results. OpenGenius prioritises practical, action-led change which cuts through the fluff that often clouds this marketplace. This audit has one goal: increased success on every level of the business. Enquire about your innovation audit today.

Duration: 2-3 days

Board Assessment & Training

Like a waterfall, innovation starts with the board and filters down to everyone else. Tradition, caution and routine are the most common stranglers of mobilisation at the board level. With a professional assessment and training session, boards can throw off the shackles which stymie innovation. Learn how to navigate or remove the most hindering parts of bureaucracy while still ensuring progress and strength within the company. Enquire about board assessment & training.

Duration: 2-3 days