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Our books and recommended reading are a thriving hub of useful information from experts within the field of creativity, productivity and leadership. Filled with practical theories and tips you can put into practice in your everyday life, our recommended reading is a vital source of knowledge that will not only help you create new ways of thinking, but help you put your greatest ideas into action.

The Creative Thinking Handbook

by Chris Griffiths and Melina Costi

Some people say that creativity is about thinking outside the box; but what if there is no box? Discover how you can generate more creative ideas & find brilliant solutions for any professional challenge.

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GRASP the Solution

by Chris Griffiths and Melina Costi

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower... Which do you want to be?
GRASP The Solution is a refreshingly pragmatic and straight talking guide to making decisions and solving problems creatively.

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Mind Maps for Business

by Tony Buzan and Chris Griffiths

Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping, together with Chris Griffiths, CEO of OpenGenius, will show you how to apply Mind Maps to any business challenge or goal – from project management and selling, right through to leadership strategies.

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