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Through training, consulting and technology, we are on a mission to educate, motivate and facilitate practical innovation and creativity around the world. We are the creators of the world’s leading innovation software, Ayoa, an all-in-one tool for idea generation and collaboration, that goes beyond traditional task management. Over a million people have used our certified training and tools to improve their creativity, productivity and leadership skills.

OpenGenius deliver bespoke and accredited training courses worldwide in Mind Mapping and Applied Innovation skills. With over 40 years of research and experience behind us, we are experts in creating results-driven training, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients.

In 2017, we made history by becoming the first Welsh company to join the London Stock Exchange’s accelerator programme: ELITE.


Chris Griffiths
CEO of OpenGenius

OpenGenius CEO, Chris Griffiths, is a world-leading expert on the application of innovation and Mind Mapping. He has helped drive business growth for thousands worldwide, including teams and individuals from Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies, the United Nations and Nobel Laureates. He is a bestselling author on creativity and innovative thinking skills and promotes entrepreneurial thinking through the Inspire Genius Foundation. To find out more about OpenGenius CEO, Chris Griffiths, click the button below.


Meet the OpenGenius Innovation Advisory Board…


Daniel Lança Perdigão
Head of OGIN Advisory Board

Daniel studied ITC with IBM, Business management at Open University and Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics. Along with a 30-year career in multinational companies, as an analyst, consultant and account manager, he has developed several start-ups in his spare time. Having delivered over 10,000 hours of innovation consultancy and training for both companies and individuals, Daniel currently manages his own company UpSideUp.pt where he is qualified as a Graphic Recorder and Visual Facilitator (IFVP and IAF), Design Thinking Specialist, Official Master Innovator (OMI), Certified Trainer (IEFP), Mind Maps® TLI Accredited Trainer (ThinkBuzan), NLP Master & Trainer (IANLP) and Business and Master Executive Management Coach (ECA).

Liz Oseland
Head of Content and Delivery

Liz Oseland is an internationally qualified trainer, facilitator and coach and one of the first Global OpenGenius Master Trainers. With over 15 years of blended learning industry experience, she leads in the areas of innovation and leadership skills. Liz has designed, delivered and assessed bespoke training to team leaders up to Director level on how they can unlock their power to think differently. Working with clients around the globe she delivers training and coaching to creatively overcome barriers and take practical steps to make a change.

Sharon Curry
Head of Coaching

Sharon Curry has over 35 years’ global experience developing high performing leaders, teams and individuals across multiple sectors and cultures. She is an internationally certified coach and facilitator with extensive Boardroom, NED, CEO, Executive and Team coaching experience. A former Naval Officer and leadership expert Sharon is a specialist in critical thinking, strategic planning, soft skills, collaborative mapping, resilience and trust. She has developed and delivered bespoke programmes for major corporations, governments, universities, the military, SME’s and start-ups. 14 years a consultant and Master Trainer with Open Genius she is a business innovation leader. Sharon co-founded two leadership coaching consultancies, one in Madrid, Spain, (She has full Spanish language proficiency), and one in the UK. She has a unique vision, skillset and ability to coach for high performance based in innovative thinking and high trust.

Bill Lowe
Head of Quality Control and Assessment

Bill Lowe has spent the last 15 years training people in leadership, teaching and innovation. Whilst he has written and delivered training in these areas to Master’s degree level, it’s his sharply focussed ability to link these skills to real-life work situations that is his strength. This is recognised by the publishers of his latest book on middle leadership. Bill is a lifelong student of engaging content delivery.

Our software and training solutions are used by individuals worldwide within:

Tec Marina
HQ of OpenGenius


OpenGenius are headquartered at Tec Marina, a centre purpose-built for stimulating creativity, productivity and innovation. Determined to bring a Silicon Valley look and attitude to Wales, OpenGenius CEO Chris Griffiths designed our inspiring and energising home that is at the heart of all we do. The building is also the backdrop of our OpenGenius training courses. It was officially opened in 2015 by Jan Mühlfeit, former chairman of Microsoft Europe.

Situated in Penarth Marina on the outskirts of the burgeoning tech city of Cardiff in Wales, Tec Marina is full to the brim with like-minded creatives that share our way of thinking. The building has an abundance of thinking space where big ideas are sparked. Find out more about the Tec Marina community on social media or at tecmarina.com, and don’t forget to take the 360° tour of the games room, 5-star gym and collaborative areas.

Inspire Genius Foundation
A charity dedicated to supporting neurodiversity in education and the workplace

Founded by OpenGenius, the Inspire Genius Foundation is on a mission to increase awareness of neurodiversity and strive for a more neuro-inclusive world. The focus of the charity is to instil an entrepreneurial spirit amongst neurodivergent individuals, and help them understand and take advantage of their creative strengths, which might not fit in a traditional educational setting, but will do so in life. Click the button below to find out more.


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