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OpenGenius is the only innovation training body to be supported by world-leading technology – Ayoa. If you want to systemise creativity in your workplace, you need both the right mindset and the right tools. Ayoa is a world leading innovation platform used by top thinkers globally. It comes equipped with all the templates and features you need to execute functional creativity every day.

As an OpenGenius Innovation Professional, you can use Ayoa to put into practise the principles of the Applied Innovation training and easily teach others to do the same. Be supported not just by knowledge, but by the creative productivity tool founded by the world’s leading expert in Mind Mapping and Innovation, Chris Griffiths.

Ayoa software

Discover the World Leading Tool for Systemising Creativity & Uncovering Success.

Ayoa combines Mind Mapping, Chat and Task Management features in one tool. Our powerful software allows you to create, communicate and innovate – all in one place.


Quote BeginYour Mind Mapping software has transformed our business and become a part of our cultural DNA at WWP.Quote End

Wheaton Wealth Partners

Trent Keeble

Quote BeginHelps me immeasurably for meetings, notes, work schedule, and keeps me focused managing risks.Quote End

Trent Keeble Project Manager, NASA

Quote BeginThe most unique twist on task management I've ever seen.Quote End

CBS News

Quote BeginIt turns your tasks into an awesome Venn diagram of productivity.Quote End



Solutions and Training

As well as our software, we can provide training and solutions to maximise the use of technology within your organisation. Technology exists to make our lives easier, and when used in the right way, can have a fundamental impact on your productivity and efficiency.

Our software is packed full of exciting features to help you get the most out of your work and ideas. Ensuring that your teams are fully trained and motivated to use technology in the correct way is vital in making sure they are being as productive as possible with the tools they are using – and that they know how to get the most out of them to produce the best results.


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