Our visual brainstorming software, iMindMap, was founded by the CEO of OpenGenius, Chris Griffiths.

Chris discovered Mind Mapping in the early ‘90s and instantly became intrigued by its ability to make any task productive and creative. He envisioned a digital software that would reap the benefits of Mind Mapping and would combine his two passions of creative thinking and technology. The first edition of iMindMap was released in 2006.

With over one million users, iMindMap is a customisable digital think tank. Its intricately designed characteristics mirror the actions and benefits of hand-drawn Mind Maps. Its bright colours, imagery and portability stimulate the free-flow of radiant thinking. The software enhances the way people spark and develop ideas through bursts of creativity. It consists of five views, Mind Map View, Brainstorm View, Fast Capture View, Time Map View and Presentation View, allowing users to take a raw idea and transform it into a working project.

In May 2018, we released our highly anticipated 11th version of iMindMap, iMindMap 11. As well as its flagship Mind Map View, 11 is packed with brand new workspaces such as Radial Map View, Organisational Chart View and Bubble Groups. With these new view, extra features and additional supported languages were introduced, iMindMap 11 is our most powerful version yet.

iMindMap has been recognised globally for its intuitive, digital and brainstorming techniques. Its launch in Japan saw it instantly jump to the top of the Amazon Japan software chart. It has held the number one spot as the Mind Mappers choice in the BiggerPlate annual report for 2016 and 2017. Users continue to praise iMindMap for its ease of use, flexibility, creativity and visual impact.

iMindMap Kids

In 2017, iMindMap Kids was created. The iPad app’s infinite canvas incorporates playful imagery to cater for visual learning in children. iMindMap Kids’ intuitive features include the Drawing tool, Snapshot Camera, Emojis, Wiggle Branches and fun sound effects. Purposefully playful and colourful, the app will bring the benefits of Mind Mapping to iPad and aims to promote creative thinking to children of the digital age. With the ability to make an unlimited number of Mind Maps, the app reflects and encourages the never-ending possibilities of a child’s imagination. The iMindMap Kids allows them to develop their creativity from a young age and allows it to grow with them.


“Just when you think perfection can’t be improved, or ‘Mind Mapping’ can be made any easier, the team at iMindMap have taken it to a whole new, revolutionary level that will blow your mind.”
– Zeelandia

“Whoever came up with it is a genius. You can quickly add ideas that pop in your head and they’re organised, so you can focus on what’s important and get things done more effectively.”
– Entrepreneur

“iMindMap is one of the most useful organisational tools that I use on a daily basis. An invaluable tool in helping me succeed at work.”
– PopCap Games, Ireland

“What may be the most visually stunning Mindmapping app on this planet, with task management features to boot!”
– Business 2 Community

“Five stars. My class love to use iMindMap Kids to organize thoughts and information for their topic work and when tackling more challenging tasks.”
– Hannah Abbott, Charles Williams Primary School

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