OpenGenius offers a wide range of consulting services that help empower you to drive creativity and innovation throughout your organisation.

We pride ourselves on real, everyday innovation. All of the knowledge that we teach is repeatable and relatable because we want you to succeed. Our process-based services have been used by businesses around to world to take their ideas forward and help their team and businesses thrive. Are you ready to take the next step?

Based on 40 years of experience, we provide consulting and facilitation services on specific areas to individuals and companies across the globe. We help our clients to make better decisions and unleash unique, innovative ideas and achieve more in their day-to-day lives.

Our teachings and key messages are sought after by global organisations. These companies including the European Commission, European Parliament, The State Bank of India, to name a few.

Here are just some of the unique consulting services we can offer you and your organisation:

  • Innovation audit
  • Innovation facilitation
  • Creating a company culture of innovation
  • How to bring innovation to boards and senior leadership teams
  • Programme of support and review around strategy/new product launches
  • How to think innovatively at work
  • Innovation coaching for senior staff
  • Change programme strategy review
  • How to get your staff to think differently

At OpenGenius, we’ll be able to transform the way you work. With a range of facilitation services and the tools to help put our knowledge into practice, our aim is to make your business thrive in the best way possible.

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