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Ana Yturriaga-Saldanha - European Commission


Kickstart Innovation

Kickstart innovation by taking your team out of their comfort zone. OpenGenius can host or facilitate unique experiences that will embed a culture of creativity and innovation amongst teams across all fields.

By following our innovation processes, we create a fun and engaging atmosphere that encourages your team to come together to overcome obstacles and generate inventive ideas. Our sessions require you to banish all of your assumptions and unleash the creative thinking power that can often be difficult to find, but is crucial for your organisation to evolve.

Are you holding your own in-house conference or training sessions? Our expert facilitators will challenge the way your teams think and motivate them to collaborate productively and instil confidence to be more innovative. Choose from our range of innovation, creativity and leadership techniques, tools and software for a truly customised session, built around your challenges and learning needs. We offer completely flexible solutions, from a one hour webinar to a one week course, specifically to meet your learning outcomes.

Are you looking for a team away day or business strategy day? Bring your team to OpenGenius HQ, Tec Marina, for a bespoke one day session to explore your ideas and turn them into a reality. Use our state of the art technology and utilise our iMindMap and DropTask software to guide you through the complete innovation process. Invite our experts into your business strategy day and we will facilitate your thinking, coach you to define your challenges clearly and ensure you are headed in the right direction to reach successful results.


We have helped teams from organisations worldwide, including:


Built for you

Our OpenGenius in-house training and away days are tailored to fit the one off needs of an organisation. These can be held at the purpose built HQ of OpenGenius, innovation centre Tec Marina, or at a venue of your choice. Tec Marina offers an interactive space where you can expand your mind and develop your skills. By carefully listening to your unique challenges and goals, we build truly innovative experiences that will challenge, motivate and inspire you and your teams to embrace change for better results.

In House

Create a personalised training schedule made to suit your team’s needs. Let our OpenGenius team guide you in selecting from our specialist innovation training offering, and build a unique programme that will transform the mindset of your team.

Away Days

Allow our experts to facilitate a day of strategic, creative thinking for you and your team. We will take you through learnable processes that can be applied to your own unique challenges and obstacles, and used to push your team forward in a fresh direction.


Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all team training day. Create a day that is as unique and as challenging as your organisation’s goals. Work with a specialist member of our OpenGenius training team, to design and customise your team’s one-off, innovation learning experience.


Why OpenGenius?

With official training from the world leading experts and our very own purpose-built innovation training centre, discover more about what makes OpenGenius unique.

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