Tec Marina

Tec Marina is a purpose-built technology hub and headquarters to OpenGenius. The bright, modern interior has all the creative facilities needed to provide the ultimate working environment that encourages the development of innovative products. The 20,000sq. ft of high tech office space is designed to help retain and recruit high-quality people. From architects to investors, the hub fulfils the ambitious aim set out by Chris and Gaile Griffiths.

The former derelict warehouse was reopened in 2016, by the Microsoft Europe Chairman, Jan Mühlfeit. Its stimulating facilities promotes productivity, enhances collaboration and benefits inter-business relationships. The state-of-the-art technology encourages creative idea generation. An onsite gym and well-stocked games room make it easy for businesses to put a focus on workplace happiness and well-being.

In August 2016, we welcomed the Sharaj Business Woman Council from the United Arab Emirates to Tec Marina. In May 2017, Tesla took over Tec Marina, offering speedy test drives to residents and sharing their plans for future innovation.

Innovative experts from all backgrounds have played their part in shaping the Tec Marina community. Businesses at Tec Marina have raised over £1200 for local and national charities.


“Tec Marina is a space for crazy people because only crazy people are changing the world” – Jan Mühlfeit


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