OpenGenius was founded in 2006 by Chris Griffiths, an expert in innovation and technology. Chris specialises in brain-based thinking strategies. He implements these processes into creative digital tools, improving productivity across the mass-market.

We are world renowned experts in Mind Mapping, Applied Innovation and Creative Thinking. Based on 40 years of experience, we provide training on these areas to individuals and companies across the globe. We help them achieve more. Those qualified experts make better decisions and unleash unique, innovative ideas.

We have certified over one thousand people around the world as Licensed Instructors in Mind Mapping and Applied Innovation. Our training courses have been hailed as a tool that can “change the world” and attendees have said “It can’t be described in words. Learning was fun, collaborative, multicultural, multi-lingual and filled with laughter” (Ember Behrendt).

Our teachings and key messages are sought after by global organisations. These companies including the European Commission, European Parliament, The State Bank of India to name a few.

In 2017, OpenGenius made history. We became the first Welsh company ever chosen to join the London Stock Exchange’s ELITE accelerator programme. The accelerator programme works with forward-thinking companies. It encourages their ambitious plans for growth and helps them in their flotation.

In the same year, Innovation Point included us in their renowned ‘Digital Dozen’ accelerator group. The twelve companies selected to represent the most digitally innovative and bold companies in Wales.


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