DropTask, is OpenGenius’ real-time visual project management tool tackling the frightening productivity levels. DropTask is a refreshingly simple task management app to allow you and your team to get things done. It’s shaking up productivity levels, and encourages users to work smarter, not harder.

Breaking away from linear to-do lists, DropTask is fluid, intuitive and exciting to use. It speeds up and streamlines daily processes through an engaging, vibrant interface. DropTask provides its users with a real-time big picture of their current projects. It simplifies complex projects into individual tasks. Reviewing project progress is made simple with visual indications showing the status of every task. Impending tasks can be scheduled through the built-in calendars. Team collaboration and communication is encouraged, through task assignment and instant messages.

DropTask is used by teams and individuals in 40% of the FTSE 100, with sign ups coming from Disney, Nike, McDonald’s and Hewlett Packard to name a few. DropTask’s ability to integrate with tools such as Google, Microsoft and DropBox has made it number one on the Google Apps marketplace. There, it has a top rating average of five stars.


“For visually-oriented people, this layout can help boost productivity” – TechCrunch

“DropTask is intuitive, made for humans, and is simple to use. Within a couple of minutes, you’ve understood what you need to do and can begin to work.” -Mark Pohlmann – Project Manager – Hewlett Packard

“A more intuitive way to monitor and manage workloads” – PC World

“DropTask is the most unique twist on task management I’ve ever seen” – CBS News


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