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The OpenGenius team are experts in innovation and creativity. We work closely with individuals and organisations to inspire, motivate and embed an open culture of innovative and creative thinking. Delivering learnable processes that become part of your everyday routine to stimulate real innovation on demand. OpenGenius was founded by Chris Griffiths, creator of iMindMap software and DropTask app, bestselling author, speaker and world leading expert in the application of Mind Mapping and Applied Innovation.


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Adopt ground-breaking processes and tools from the world experts in creative and innovative thinking on our flagship accredited courses in Applied Innovation, Mind Mapping and Creative Leadership.

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Be inspired by Chris Griffiths and Jan Mühlfeit, experts in innovation and leadership. Hear first-hand their experiences from over 30 years in business and get motivated to change the way you think.


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OpenGenius Certified Applied Innovation Course (3 days - Accelerated)
Become a Certified Trainer of Innovation techniques and practises through world-leading technology, Ayoa
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January 2020
Wednesday 8th - Friday 10th
OpenGenius Training HQ - Tec Marina
Cardiff, UK
£1,920 (GBP) + VAT*


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