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Leading a strong, positive culture of innovation and change is the key to success. The OpenGenius In-House Creative Leadership Course will inspire you to unlock your own potential and create super talented teams, performing at their very best.

If you are a manager, senior manager, head of department, director, CEO, entrepreneur or an SME owner, join us and follow a 4-step process for successful innovation and apply a range of creative techniques to change your mind-set. Become an effective leader, adopting innovative strategies to motivate your team and create a culture that engages, inspires and energizes.

Using a combination of key themes from Chris Griffiths’ best-selling book, ‘GRASP The Solution’, and Jan Mühlfeit, Microsoft’s former European Chairman’s ‘Positive Leadership’ book, our Creative Leadership course is carefully designed to transform the way that you think. With demanding schedules, we rarely have chance to assess our leadership capabilities and areas for improvement. On the course, you will be armed with the creative processes and tools to become an effective leader with the confidence to ingrain innovation into your organisational culture and drive change through your teams.

Our course takeaways, such as cutting-edge iMindMap and DropTask software, decision radar, worksheets, check lists and trigger cards, will give you a toolkit to lead and drive innovation forward within your organisation. By the time you leave the course, you will have a clear leadership development plan to ensure positive people, purpose, process and place for effective leadership.



Ed Allan

Quote BeginChris has profoundly changed my way of thinking and creating solutions, and has sounded a creative voice that I did not know existed.Quote End

Ed Allan Rear Admiral, US Navy (Rtd.)

Kevin Johnson

Quote BeginI had the pleasure of working with Jan in various leadership roles at Microsoft. He is a high integrity leader who brings passion and thoughtfulness to the business. He has played an important role in Microsoft's innovation and growth throughout Europe.Quote End

Kevin Johnson President and Chief Operating Officer, Starbucks


The Four Ps
of Positive Leadership

Discover the 4Ps of Positive Leadership as defined by Microsoft’s former European Chairman, Jan Mühlfeit. Through the 4Ps model, unlock your potential as a leader and bring out the best in others. Rise to the challenges that face leaders today and most vitally, prepare for a new set of positive thinking leadership skills. Build on your own personal strengths and identify strengths in others. Empower your team with meaningful challenges to catapult your organisation to new heights of success and happiness.



Building Strengths - The 'Who'.
Discover your leadership style and strengths to release your full leadership potential. Learn to nurture talent and build on strengths for high performing teams.


Personal Mission and Ultimate Vision — The ‘Why’.
Uncover your personal mission and ultimate vision to inspire the dream and make it happen. Empower your team with meaningful challenges, leading from your heart and mind.


Energy Management—The ‘How’.
Effective leadership is like a marathon, it is run in a series of sprints. Become a Chief Energy Officer (CEO) and set the standard for the collective energy and management of your team.


Success vs Happiness—The ‘Where’.
Happiness breeds success. By putting happiness first, you can learn strategies for positive living that bring meaningful rewards to you and your team, while also delivering bottom-line results.


 Orlando Ayala, Chairman Emerging Businesses

Quote BeginJan is passionate about innovation and technology to enable people at a global scale. His people focus is remarkable as well as his broad business acumen. He is one of those individuals that truly enjoy developing talent. His leadership capabilities are well recognized by key institutions he has been interacting with for many years, including the World Economic Forum as well as many agencies of the European Union.Quote End

Orlando Ayala, Chairman Emerging Businesses Corporate VP, Microsoft



Decision Radar

Decision making profile tool

Understand how to create a balanced decision making environment for you and those you work with. Our Decision Radar can highlight the key risk areas in your decisions, and provide you with the right techniques to neutralise them, giving you the confidence to implement your most innovative ideas.


From the Experts
at the forefront of leadership, creativity and innovation

Jan Mühlfeit

Chris Griffiths

Our Creative Leadership courses are developed by Chris Griffiths, world leading expert in Applied Innovation and Mind Mapping, and Jan Mühlfeit, Microsoft’s former European Chairman and current Chairman of DropTask.

Jan brings a new positive dynamic to Leadership training that is grounded in the latest research in positive psychology. His experiences as a Senior Executive give him in-depth knowledge and sought after skills in leadership coaching. He has worked closely with INSEAD, Gallup, Atlantic Bridge Venture and SeedCamp and has served on different advisory boards of several European governments.

Chris is a pioneer in combining creative strategies with software, such as iMindMap and DropTask. Chris has helped teams and individuals from within Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies, the United Nations and the European Commission to lead towards business growth. The combined forces of Jan’s leadership experience and Chris’ creative strategies will provide you with the skills and confidence to embrace change, drive innovation through your teams and become a successful leader.

Learning tools for you

We reinforce our creative thinking and leadership skills with innovative software solutions, iMindMap and DropTask. As pioneers in combining modern thinking strategies and processes with creativity and technology, we’ve created software solutions that have helped over a million people in their daily personal and working lives. You will be provided with the latest technology and learning tools that OpenGenius have to offer:


DropTask PRO

6 months of DropTask for Business

Worth over £37.00
iMindMap 9 Ultimate

iMindMap Ultimate License

RRP £149.00


‘GRASP The Solution’ by Chris Griffiths (Book)

RRP £14.99

The Positive Leader

‘The Positive Leader’ by Jan Mühlfeit (Book)

RRP £16.99

After the course...

After learning, you will be equipped with a range of repeatable methods and tried-and-tested tools to truly become a Creative Leader. Join our community and play a part in unlocking human potential around the world.


Millions of people across the world use our processes and tools to become successful leaders and drive innovation through their ranks:


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