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The Official Mind Map Training designed by OpenGenius, leaders in Mind Mapping and Innovation


Unlock your creative genius and learn how to approach any task with originality and flair on the 4 day OpenGenius Course in Mind Mapping. Change the way that you think, boost your productivity and communicate effectively using Mind Maps.

During this course, brought to you by leaders in Mind Mapping and Innovation OpenGenius, you will discover Mind Mapping, the most versatile creative thinking tool. The technique, used by over 250 million people worldwide, has helped individuals and teams be more creative, generate unique ideas plus structure and analyze even the most complex of information.

As the saying goes, “if you do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always got”. If you have been searching for a different approach to the way you think, work and live and want to tap into your creative potential, Mind Mapping is for you. Discover the fundamental principles behind Mind Mapping and its powerful impact on creativity and productivity. Improve all areas of your life by exploring Mind Mapping elements and learn how to apply them using the world’s first Mind Mapping and Task Management tool, Ayoa*. As a Certified Mind Mapping Trainer, you will have all of the skills and tools, including Ayoa, to transform the lives of others and make individuals and teams thrive. With specialised training from the OpenGenius team, you’ll be qualified to deliver training virtually or in person through Ayoa.

Our specialised courses have been developed by Chris Griffiths, CEO of OpenGenius and leading expert in the application of Mind Mapping. Chris has built a successful network of over 1000 worldwide trainers and is the co-author of the bestselling ‘Mind Maps for Business’ book with Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping. Passionate about changing the way people think, Chris’ aim is to take Mind Mapping into the modern era by taking this versatile technique to the next level. With the use of specialised courses and the world’s first Mind Mapping, Task Management and Chat tool, Ayoa, he encourages individuals and teams to take great ideas, turn them into action and make them happen.


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Ayoa - Next level Mind Mapping

Have the ability to virtually deliver training across all corners of the globe with Ayoa. Mind Map individually or with others, in real-time and all in one place. Enjoy quick and powerful ideation and practical ways of working in the world’s first tool for Mind Mapping, task management and instant messaging.


  • Turn Mind Map branches into tasks
  • Fire out ideas as they strike
  • Instantly communicate with your clients
  • Collaborate on your Mind Map in real-time
  • Plan and manage projects from start to finish
  • Turn ideas into action


Robert Fischer

Quote BeginI feel I can apply this immediately and it will have an impact.Quote End

Robert Fischer Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley, USA

What you will gain
Mind Mapping by OpenGenius


Core Principles & Best Practises

Discover and understand the core principles and fundamentals behind the Mind Mapping technique. Explore the science behind Mind Maps, why they are so effective and how your clients can apply them to develop their creativity. Backed and supported by enlightening case studies and the latest research on memory, creativity and productivity.

Reach your Full Creative Potential

We are limited by traditional thinking methods that can affect our ability to be truly creative. Unlock your creative genius to generate original ideas using the most creative thinking tool of our time and teach this to others. Expect dramatic changes to the way that you think and work as you virtually teach the Mind Mapping technique to your clients.

Ayoa Masterclass

We are the creators of Ayoa, the unique and intuitive Mind Mapping and Task Management app - so there's simply no better way to explore its hidden tricks and treasures than with us. With Ayoa, you'll be able to deliver world-class Mind Mapping training virtually to your clients from all across the world. Plus, you will be able to communicate and Mind Map all within one tool.

High Level Learning

When you're able to harness your full range of cortical skills – words, images, numbers, logic, rhythm, colours and spatial awareness, you'll set free unlimited thoughts, ideas and connections. Virtually deliver this technique to clients on how to apply Mind Maps in all areas of their lives and improve their learning capabilities and enhance performance output.

Become a Certified Trainer

Once you've completed the course you will achieve the status of 'OpenGenius Certified Trainer in Mind Mapping'. Through the use of our tool, Ayoa, have the ability to virtually work with clients around the world as a remote trainer, from the comfort of your own home. With all of the skills to take your own work to new heights, you'll be fully prepared to educate others and help them thrive.

Grow Your Business

With the opportunity to become a virtual trainer, we will help guide you to effectively grow your training business. The OpenGenius expert team will provide you with support and best practices for how to succeed in becoming a productive online trainer. Plus, with the addition of Ayoa, you will be able to keep track of all of your potential leads and current training strategy and take them through to completion.


Mike Palmer

Quote BeginThe course was the cherry on the cake for me. It offered many new insights. The Mind Mapping Course was excellent, highly professional and well delivered. I was inspired by the course, instructors and other delegates alike.Quote End

Mike Palmer Logistics SME, Boeing


Mind Mapping is used by over 250 million people worldwide, within organisations such as:

Mike Stanley

Quote BeginThe use of Mind Mapping is an integral part of my Quality Improvement Project at Boeing. This had provided savings of over $10 million for my organisation.Quote End

Mike Stanley Boeing Corporation, USA



Why OpenGenius?

With official training from the world leading experts and our very own purpose-built innovation training centre, discover more about what makes OpenGenius unique.

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Kari Greaves

Quote BeginIt was the best course I have ever attended...It was both enjoyable and inspiring! I learnt so much that I can apply both professionally and in my personal life going forward.Quote End

Kari Greaves Head of Service Improvement, Guinness South, UK

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