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“If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong” –Charles Kettering

The World Economic Forum states that problem solving, critical thinking and creativity will be the most important workplace skills in 2020 and beyond. So what are you doing to make these the top skills in your workplace?

In the age of automation, stagnation is as good as failure. Businesses and business people must learn to systemise their creativity in order to keep their competitive edge.

You, your team and your company all have the ability to thrive. You just need the right ideas, and the skills to apply them.

OpenGenius are world leaders in innovation with a global network of experts who will challenge the way you think and foster a growth mindset. All of OpenGenius’ teachings are based on the best-selling books, research & knowledge of innovation expert Chris Griffiths.

OpenGenius host Inspire Innovation events both in-house and off-site. These half-day events can take place on your terms – from a presentation at a networking event, to a “lunch & learn” session to strengthen team-building days.

OpenGenius’ Certified Master Trainers deliver official and progressive sessions tailored to meet you, your team, and your company’s needs.

Inspire Innovation Event – can you answer the following questions?

Why do creativity and innovation matter?

Are you ready for the fourth industrial revolution?

How can humans compete with AI to keep their jobs, and their competitive edge?

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Robert Fischer

Quote BeginI feel I can apply this immediately and it will have an impact.Quote End

Robert Fischer Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley, USA

What will I learn?

In an Inspire Innovation event you will learn:

  • Introduction to OpenGenius’ 4 step process to actionable innovation
  • Learn the secret to establishing an innovation culture

Key Takeaways

You will leave with the following key takeaways:

  • Turn ideas into action everyday with Ayoa
  • Certificate of attendance – for official proof of your innovation investment

Cost: £0-£25

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