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The Official Applied Innovation Training designed by OpenGenius – Become Certified in Systemising Creativity, Mind Mapping, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Our Certified Mind Mapping and Applied Innovation Training will show you how to systemise creativity so you can embed a culture of true innovation and creative thinking for you and your team. Learn how to apply straight-forward, innovative processes to overcome everyday challenges and become a Certified Trainer to teach clients to do the same. As a virtual trainer, with Ayoa, you will have the ability to deliver smarter decision making and innovative thinking skills to teams and organisations, to help change the way they think and work forever.

OpenGenius is a world leader in systemising creativity. Attendees of the Official Certified Applied Innovation Course will become a part of our global network of Innovation Professionals. If you want to learn how to make creativity an ongoing system – and teach others to do the same – the Applied Innovation course is for you!

Discover the fundamental principles behind Mind Mapping and its powerful impact on creativity and productivity. Improve all areas of your life by exploring Mind Mapping elements and learn how to apply them using the world-leading innovation tool, Ayoa. As a Certified OpenGenius Innovation Professional you will have all of the skills and tools, including Ayoa, to transform the lives of others and make individuals and teams thrive. With specialised training from the OpenGenius team, you’ll be qualified to deliver training virtually or in person through Ayoa.

By taking part in an Applied Innovation course you will become an official OpenGenius Innovation Professional (OGIP). This means you will be certified in Applied Innovation skills including:

  • Systemizing creativity
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Mind Mapping

OGIPs are certified to deliver training and/or consultancy in all of these areas.

Ed Allen

Quote BeginChris has profoundly changed my way of thinking and creating solutions, and has sounded a creative voice that I did not know existed.Quote End

Ed Allen Rear Admiral, US Navy (Rtd.)



Ayoa - Next level Mind Mapping

Have the ability to virtually deliver training across all corners of the globe with Ayoa. Mind Map individually or with others, in real-time and all in one place. Enjoy quick and powerful ideation and practical ways of working in the world’s first tool for Mind Mapping, Task Management and Instant Messaging.


  • Turn Mind Map branches into tasks
  • Fire out ideas as they strike
  • Instantly communicate with your clients
  • Collaborate on your Mind Map in real-time
  • Plan and manage projects from start to finish
  • Turn ideas into action


Applied Innovation
Course Content

Functional creativity

Why Do We Need New Ideas?

In our world of information, knowledge is no longer power – it is the creation of new knowledge which really matters.

Take the functional creativity test to discover your thinking strengths and weaknesses, and discover the power of Mind Mapping in Ayoa– the innovation platform used by the world’s top thinkers.

Common Thinking Errors: Selective Thinking

On the Applied Innovation course, you will learn to think about your thinking so you can spot (and stop!) the thinking errors which prohibit your best decisions and most creative ideas.

Common Thinking Errors: Reactive Thinking

Don’t be ruled by knee-jerk reactions – learn to stop, think and then take action. For strategic, creative decisions that reap real results.

Common Thinking Errors: Assumptive Thinking

It’s time to challenge your assumptions – and change how you perceive the world. This will enable you to reveal new, innovative solutions.

The Solution Finder

The Context for Creative Problem Solving

Do you follow the trail, or blaze a new one? Discover the key difference between market-driven and market-driving to stay ahead of the curve in business (and life).

The Solution Finder Step 1: Understanding

Before you can face a challenge, you must define it – OpenGenius’ Applied Innovation course will show you how to define and redefine the challenges you face. See how Mind Mapping your challenges in Ayoa streamlines the understanding process by naturally reflecting the key points in a radiating, Mind Map style.

The Solution Finder Step 2: Ideation & Analysis

Unlock the power of generative thinking, discover how to brainstorm for genuinely good ideas and put strategy behind your creative thinking sessions.

Plus, utilise the power of Ayoa and technology for brainstorming across meeting tables (and continents!) with Mind Mapping in Ayoa. So all your best ideas are clear, safe and ready to be actioned.

Evaluate your ideas, learn to identify the winning ones and check yourself against the dos and don’ts of analysis best-practise.

The Solution Finder Step 3: Direction

Now you know how to uncover your best ideas, it’s time to turn them into action. This course will show you practical steps and processes within Ayoa, so you can get ideas off the ground and turn them into something amazing.

Robert Fischer

Quote BeginI feel I can apply this immediately and it will have an impact.Quote End

Robert Fischer Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley, USA

Bringing it all together

Commit to ‘thinking differently’

It’s time to pull all your new, innovative knowledge together so you can use it in the real world. Track your progress with the functional creativity test and learn to commit to your new way of thinking, doing and creating with Ayoa as your aid.

Creative leadership

Innovation is a core leadership skill…here’s how you bring the same quality out in those you lead, coach and work with. Connect those around you with Ayoa – the go-to collaborative space for innovative thinkers.

Mind Map your way to success with Ayoa

You know the thinking, now learn how to make it visual! Optimise the innovation impact by becoming well-versed with the Mind Mapping technique world-renowned for its cognitive benefits. As a Certified Ayoa Mind Mapper, not only will you be able to use this technique yourself, you’ll also be able to teach others to do the same – Ayoa Mind Mapping is bound to become the principal weapon in your Applied Innovation arsenal.

Where do you go from here?

Congratulations! You’re now a Certified Innovation Professional & Ayoa Mind Mapper. As a part of a globally recognised accrediting body (and with all your tools and processes ready and waiting in Ayoa) it’s time to take your new mindset out into the real world.

You have the tools, now it’s time to start assembling your success as a certified Applied Innovation Professional.




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Mind Mapping is used by over 250 million people worldwide, within organisations such as:

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