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Our Applied Innovation and Mind Mapping Training will show you how to create and embed a culture of true innovation and creative thinking for you and your team. Learn how to apply straight-forward, innovative processes to overcome everyday challenges, and how to coach others to do the same. Become a coach for smarter decision-making and innovative thinking in teams and organisations.

OpenGenius Applied Innovation and Mind Mapping Training: This 3-day course, based on Chris Griffiths’ innovative processes and strategies, is carefully designed to help you and your team to think more effectively. Whether you are a coach, consultant, or trainer, you will know that your clients have demanding schedules which rarely permit them the time to think about their thinking. We fall into classic traps of selective thought processes, restricting our abilities by blocking our most innovative ideas. This mind-opening course will demonstrate how an organisation can achieve true innovation through serious fun, and generate bold, creative ideas without limits.

Our course takeaways, such as cutting-edge iMindMap and DropTask software, decision-radar, innovation worksheets, checklists and trigger cards, will give you an innovation toolkit to use time and time again with your clients to make sure they reach their full innovative potential.


Ana Yturriage-Saldanha

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Ana Yturriage-Saldanha European Commission


Four Steps
to Applied Innovation

For many of us, our biggest challenge is accurately defining our problems. Our Applied Innovation and Mind Mapping training will provide you with repeatable processes to help you and your clients accurately define and solve the toughest business challenges. You will gain strategic thinking methods to find innovative solutions, and the tools to share these methods with your most ambitious clients.



Define and develop a thorough understanding of your problem, before jumping to find a solution. Einstein once said, spend 55 minutes defining a problem and 5 minutes to solve it. We show you how to reframe your perceived problems, and challenge your own thinking methods, leading you to innovative solutions.


Apply generative thinking to adopt innovation as an attitude and facilitate new ideas. Discover how to brainstorm effectively without restrictions, utilising our iMindMap software to capture your most creative ideas. Become more confident in your own thinking and challenge everything you thought you knew.


Screen and sort ideas based on their possible risks and potential rewards. Recognise any traps you may have fallen into in the past and adopt a new mindset using universal methodologies to select the most effective solution. These tried and tested techniques give you the platform to move forward.


Successfully plan your solution through to implementation. Discover visual task management app, DropTask, to manage real-time delivery and measure success and outcomes. Take your new-found knowledge to coach others and embed a culture of innovation within teams and organisations.


Gregg DeSilivio

Quote BeginLeads to a clearer thought process and better decisions.Quote End

Gregg DeSilivio Senior Director of Strategy, Hertz Global Holdings



Decision Radar

Gain access to our exclusive, decision-making profiling tool. Understand how to create a balanced decision-making environment for you and those you work with. Our tool will highlight the key risk areas in your decision-making. It will provide you with the right techniques to neutralise risks, giving you the confidence to implement your most innovative ideas.


Learning tools for you

We reinforce our creative thinking skills with innovative software solutions, including iMindMap and DropTask. As pioneers in combining modern thinking strategies and processes with creativity and technology, we’ve created software solutions that have helped over a million people in their daily personal and working lives. You will be provided with the latest technology and learning tools that OpenGenius have to offer:


iMindMap 9 Ultimate

iMindMap Ultimate License

RRP £149.00
DropTask for Business

6 months of DropTask

Worth over £54.00

‘GRASP The Solution’ by Chris Griffiths (Book)

RRP £14.99

After the course...

After 3 days of interactive, up-off-your-seat learning, you will be able to deliver innovation on demand and strategic thinking to others. Your trainer profile will be listed under our global network of trainers on our website. We will provide you with all the tools required to embed our Applied Innovation processes into your everyday working life. Use our checklists to ensure you remain on track and have the confidence to make bolder, better decisions and maintain your enthusiasm and motivation for years to come.

Fiona Waddell

Quote BeginI can develop my business and make more mindful decisions. It will change the way I think. It will help me to develop better processes and it will increase the offerings from my training portfolio.Quote End

Fiona Waddell Managing Director of 3D Clinical Research, UK


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