At OpenGenius, we offer a range of services to help you thrive in your organisation. From facilitation and strategic services to training and transformative tools, our aim is to help you achieve innovation, every day.

With our expert team and global network of innovation professionals, we will be able to motivate and inspire you and your team. With unique techniques and software to help encourage you to be more creative and productive, OpenGenius will transform the way you work.

In addition to this, we offer opportunities when attending our Certified Training Courses in Mind Mapping and Applied Innovation, to become a virtual coach through our unique software, Ayoa, and deliver training to worldwide teams and organisations.

Take a look below at the unique services that we offer to help rejuvenate the way you think and innovate. Or, get in touch at to find out more about the services that we provide.


Facilitation and Strategic Services
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Become an innovation professional
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Motivational, thought provoking speakers for your events
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Digital and Business
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Everyday Innovation

Strategy and Coaching
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Getting more productivity out of your team
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