3 quick tricks for an extremely creative week

Kick-start your creative thinking this week with these three quick and easy tips…

1. Don’t open that inbox

Don't answer emails like a robotWhat’s the first thing you do once you get to work on a Monday morning? You open your email and immediately start typing out responses no doubt. While this might seem like the most productive thing to do, this kind of reactive thinking has a negative impact on your creativity and your productivity.
Reacting to your emails like a robot answering commands means that you’re not giving yourself time to think things through, to gather information or think innovatively. Instead, you are allowing outside influences to govern your focus. So, before you open your inbox, map out what you want to achieve this week and plan your time around it, not around your emails.

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The debate on daydreaming

Daydreaming at work is unheard of. It has a reputation of being unproductive and a complete waste of time. This simply isn’t true. Focused daydreaming is one of the most effective techniques for tapping into your creative powers and producing original ideas to solve any business problems. For this reason, I’m backing daydreaming in the workplace.

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